“I have an office job and have to work late. I have insomnia at times and in general have poor sleep. With the colder weather, I feel low energy.”

“Is there a natural way to help my condition?”

Many working adults have no choice but to work late hours. Often they are not eating well (the healthy foods) and have problems sleeping. They would do well with a boost in the form of a concentrated broth as a daily nutritional and herbal supplement. Herbal Goat Meat Broth can boost your energy for long hours of work. Its mildly stimulating effect can support long hours of mental and physical activity. Its mildly sedative effect can help you to get sound sleep, which is crucial for continuing the daily work activity as well as for repairing the body. Good daily nutrition should be combined with more physical movement or exercise, so that your fatigue, poor mood, or dull mind can be reversed. During the colder months, people are sitting for longer hours, getting less physical exercise. It’s possible to break out of this condition by boosting your nutrition, digestion, and metabolism with Herbal Goat Meat Broth.

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